Some Known Facts About Vitiligo

You must have seen people who have a difference in their skin color. Some part of the skin is black and some part is white. This disease is called vitiligo. It is generally caused due to a sudden attack during the auto-immune condition which destroys the immune system and few body cells within the body.

Nowadays, a lot of people are facing this problem. Researchers say it might be due to the sunrays which is affecting the skin and causes this skin problem. Before the age of 20, the patches starts appearing in one’s body.


The sign of vitiligo generally starts from the areas exposed to the sun like lips, hands, feet, etc.

  • The pigment cells of the skin and melanocytes get destroyed in certain areas.
  • You can also see the loss of skin color due to depigmentation or white patches on any skin area.
  •  It might affect the whole body or sometimes a small part of the body.

Well, most people take this to be a hereditary one. But without having the acute knowledge about a particular disease you should not make any assumptions. There are various reasons a person might be suffering from vitiligo. Various doctors have guaranteed a cure for this particular disease but it non-curable. The level of control and restriction is too much due to which people tend to leave it half the way.


Vitiligo happens when melanocytes stop or die producing melanin — the color that gives your hair, skin, and eyes color. The included blotches of skin end up being light or white. The doctors don’t have the idea why the cells stop producing melanin. It might be beacuse of:

  • A disorder in which your immune system destroys the melanocytes present in the skin
  • It can be heredity
  • Sunburn, exposure to some chemicals or stress.

Types of Vitiligo:

People generally think vitiligo is just of one type where the skin loses the melanin. No, this isn’t true. Vitiligo is of various kinds:

  • Segmental: In this type of vitiligo, a part or side of the body lacks melanin. It spreads for a year or two and then stops.
  • Focal: In this type of vitiligo, only a few area or parts lack melanin.
  • Generalized: In this type of vitiligo, many parts of the body lack melanin. This is the most common form of vitiligo encounter by the doctors.

Some Food Items to Avoid

There are many food items which are restricted to eat for a vitiligo patient. Fruits like Custard Apple, Cashew Nuts, Melon, Watermelon, Guava, Orange, Gooseberry and Prunes should be avoided.

People suffering from vitiligo should avoid vegetables like lemon, papaya, brinjal, tomato, garlic, tamarind, etc. Other foods like fish, curd, buttermilk, milk, beef, red meat, chocolates, oily & spicy food, carbonated drinks, soda bi crab, junk food and coffee.

Food Items to Consume

Fruits which prove to be helpful for vitiligo are papaya, apricot, grapes, mangoes, dates, and walnuts. Vegetables which you can consume without any hesitation are spinach, carrot, French beans, fenugreek, beetroot, onion, bitter gourd, and Drumsticks.

Stay tuned to know more about how society react to vitiligo!!

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  1. Pradeep Rathi says:

    Nicely written and good answer for those who still belong to the 18 th or 19th century. People should understand that it can happen in anybody’s life . It is not a genetic disease, can be curable with proper attention and Care.

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