5 Foods not to be eaten on empty stomach

We all eat to live. Many a time it happens that we eat the right food but not at the right time, so our body is not able to benefit from it. Thus, it is very important to eat the correct food at the correct time. We start our day with breakfast which is the first meal of our day. If in this meal only we eat the incorrect food, then you can yourself get to know how it is going to affect your body. This makes it essential for everyone to know about the foods not to be eaten on empty stomach in order to start their day wisely.

Are you addicted to having bed tea/coffee?? Is it that you start your day with one of these beverage? Then in no way your day is beginning on a healthy note. You should stop this immediately. Though you might eat all healthy foods throughout your day but if you do not start your day only on a correct note, it can spoil your whole day.

It is not healthy eating on which you should focus but also on avoiding the bad foods and having the correct ones at incorrect time. You should plan your daily diet in such a way that it improves your digestion plus gives your body the maximum nutrients and help you stay fit and healthy.

A few foods not to be eaten on empty stomach


Many people in fact a large part of world’s population is addicted to have tea/coffee as the 1st thing they get up. It is really very bad for you. This can affect your body adversely and cause health issues like indigestion, acidity which may lead to heart burns. In order to get rid of this habit of yours you can have a glass of lukewarm water every morning.

Still, if you are not able to leave caffeine after every possible trials, then have a cookie with tea/coffee which ever beverage you have. Even drinking water before and after these hot beverage reduces its side effects to some extent.

Citrus fruit juice

You should avoid juices rich in citric acid on empty stomach. Citric fruits contains fructose which pulls out the water from your body to the digestive tracks, leading to bloated stomach. It can even cause acidity. Even tomato juice should also be avoided as tannic acid in it also leads to same issue. You may have other fruit juice like pomegranate but make sure you say a no to citrus fruits. Having citrus fruit in any form is harmful.

Spicy food

If you see the eating pattern of most places in the world, you will see that people are not prone to eat much of spicy food. But, in India the thing is totally opposite. Indians are grown up being fed on spicy food especially parathas for breakfast. They combine these parathas with yogurt in the form of curd, raita or lassi. This combination totally affects your body in adverse manner. Eating spicy food on empty stomach causes irritation in the stomach lining as well as your food pipe.


Though yogurt is good for your body but here again comes the point of eating the correct food at correct time. Eating yogurt empty stomach should be avoided because the high acidity of the stomach acids renders the lactic acid of the yogurt ineffective and your body is deprived of its benefits.


You must think what am I saying and why have I included salad in the list of foods not to be eaten on empty stomach. But, trust me guys it is true that we shouldn’t eat raw vegetables empty stomach though we all believe that salads can be eaten at any hour of the day, as this is what we have always heard of. This is just a myth. But, if you visit any nutritionist or dietician they will never advise you to eat salads in the first thing in the morning. The reason being raw vegetables being rich in coarse fiber adds a load to our body which our body is not ready to bear empty stomach. It can even lead to abdominal pain.

Apart from the above mentioned ones you should also avoid alcohol, cold beverages, aerated drinks, processed sugary foods on empty stomach.

So, in order to begin your day on a healthy note try having nuts, oats, eggs, berries, honey, cheese or any dairy product apart from yogurt.

Try beginning your day on a healthy note by avoiding these foods not to be eaten on empty stomach and find the result/changes in your body yourself.

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